Juan de Lanuza School was created in 1978 when a group of families, committed to the fundamental right of choosing and participating in their children’s education, created the cooperative that manages the School. From the very first moment it became a reference of innovation and progress in education.

It is a private, bilingual, secular school.

Our School intends to be at all times proactive in society, and to succeed with our educational project, adequately educating the students in a multilingual model which is suitable for the globalized world in which we live; thus achieving correct integration of the knowledge present in today’s world.

Our education framework presents a bilingual model from the age of three. The learning of languages is not limited to academic periods; rather, a true bilingual atmosphere exists in the whole centre. English is the structural frame of the School, it being the lingua franca for communication with the native and bilingual teachers.

One of the characteristics of our School is our eagerness to improve and progress in new and innovative methodological lines that will enhance our students’ learning.

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