Learning a language is not only a matter of learning its grammar and vocabulary, it doesn’t only consist of knowing how to communicate.

To really dominate a language, we believe that it is also necessary to know the culture of the countries where it is spoken. Under this premise, each year we organize several activities that bring the students closer to the customs and traditions of the countries where English, French or German are spoken.

At Halloween, we dress up, we tell each other horror stories, we dance and we have a snack.

We have done shows of Scottish dances, thanks to the collaboration and enthusiasm of  Erasmus students who have spent time with us.

  • Crepes (French).
  • Easter Eggs (German).
  • Barnaby Bear – the little English bear that has visited us from Nassington Primary School to learn how we celebrate Christmas in Spain. When he returns to England, his suitcase will be full of photos, memories and presents given to him by the 5-year-old children and their families.
  • Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, including pancake races.

Recognition of important figures of the Anglo-Saxon culture, often coinciding with an anniversary. Some of the most recent:

  • Roald Dahl – every September, to celebrate the author’s birthday and in 2011 to celebrate the anniversary of the publishing of one of his most famous works, James and the Giant Peach.  On that occasion, the students of 1st ESO carried out several activities after reading the book. In Art classes, they created figures that appear in the story, such as James, Centipede and others.
  • Dickens: the hundred years commemoration of this famous English author’s death took place throughout 2012. At the School, we approached some of his masterpieces and in December, students of 5th Primary played A Christmas Carol for us as part of the traditional Christmas plays.
  • Julia Donaldson – a former Children’s Laureate in the UK. She is the author of numerous works for children, and greatly cherished by the School’s students and teachers. Throughout 2013, we saw some of her stories, her theatre plays and the novel she wrote for teenagers.

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