Juan de Lanuza School’s program of Complementary Activities offers a wide variety of options, adding up to 25, in response to the students’ interests.

These activities are meant to stimulate the students’ creativity, to develop their skills and to fill their leisure time. Furthermore, they seek to strengthen personal values such as equality, respect, self-esteem and other principles related to our school’s philosophy. In conclusion, they constitute an ideal complement to the academic curriculum, playing a vital role in the integral education of the pupil.

We wish to foster a sense of belonging to a group through, mainly, activities that involve games and creativity where cooperation and decision taking are encouraged. In other activities, sport becomes an element which is familiar to them, giving them emotional balance, enjoyment and relationships, all of them very important in the development of a child’s personality. It will constitute a continuous factor in their free time.

The organization of the program allows the children to carry out these activities during their school schedule, hence making the students’ participation easier.
All the Complementary Activities we offer and the news about them can be checked on the Complementary Activities website.

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