The fundamental objective of the Be Culture project is to serve as a platform for activities and cultural demonstrations, shared by the whole school community: students, parents and staff.

It is in this setting that students of different ages and their families can share experiences in an environment different to the academic::

  • Didactic workshops in cultural centres and museums.
  • Visits to emblematic places in the city, combining fun and learning. We count on the collaboration of the Department of Tourism and Zaragoza City Council.
  • Theater visits and gymkhanas, often coinciding with the commemoration of events or dates of relevance in our city.
  • Attendance to plays, in which the interest towards the different forms of theatre is boosted.

Moreover, Juan de Lanuza School forms part of the Youth Institute’s information sites network. Juan de Lanuza’s information site, El Mirador, is one of the platforms used both by the Informative Antennae of the CIPAJ (Youth Information Centre) and the Be Culture program, in order to inform students about aspects of events for yount people in Aragón such as prevention campaigns, free time activities, citizen participation, etc.

Be Culture facilitates contact between the students of Secondary and Bachillerato with institutions, associations and foundations so that they can reach them and collaborate through different projects related to some of the subjects they study.


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