English has a fundamental role in Juan de Lanuza School’s philosophy. From the moment when the two or three-year-old children begin their education until they reach University, they will talk and hear English at school during a large part of the day.

The study of English is not limited to the language itself: we also aim to draw the students towards the English-speaking world, its social and cultural background. Above all, we give the study of the language a functional approach so that our students will be able to use it in their daily academic activity while they progress in their learning.

All of this is possible thanks to the school’s native and bilingual teachers, their experience and professionalism, the use of pedagogical materials created by themselves and the incorporation of New Technologies in every classroom.

During the stage of Pre-School, the children get used to listening and understanding, since they spend half of each day with their English teacher. Not only that, they will also learn to read in English as well as in Spanish.

As they start Primary Education they will consolidate their English reading skills and they will begin to write too. For about 50% of their school day they will be in contact with the English language and in simulated real and significant situations, which will allow them to expand their vocabulary and improve other abilities related to learning a language.

During the stage of Secondary Education, the students perfect their knowledge in English and are able to take different official exams, such as the Preliminary English Test (PET, level B1) in 2nd ESO, the First Certificate (FCE, level B2) in 4th ESO, the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE, level C1) throughout Bachillerato, and some of our students have also passed the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE, level C2); all of them Cambridge University certificates.

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