As proof that we value everything our students know how to say and do in the languages they learn, once a year, normally in June, we celebrate it all in our Foreign Languages Day.

It is a festive day, full of entertainment, shows and fun activities in which they, our students, are the protagonists. During that day we all wear stickers with mottos that promote the learning of languages, and we are invited to watch the shows each class prepares for us, which might include nursery rhymes, songs or plays. Our students are not only bilingual in English but also learn a second foreign language, French or German, from 3rd Primary on; that day the students of 5th Primary, get the opportunity to demonstrate how much they learn in a single school year by putting on an original play acted out in three or four languages, which is normally based on a story known by the parents so that they can follow the performance. The students show us their skills not only in languages, but also art and interpretation.

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