Our School has two classes for each age group in Pre-School Education for children from 2 to 6 years of age. It is an essential phase in the process of cognitive and personal development, which is why we attach great importance to Emotional Education.

Our students enjoy a globalised sort of learning, based on interest centres. We are truly respectful of differences in children’s maturity levels and of their academic and personal curiosities and needs.

One of the priorities of our Pre-School Education project is autonomy. Our objective is to have the children come to school happy and develop abilities, attitudes, skills and values in an environment where they can feel safe.

Our team of teachers understands that children learn when they feel loved, and setting this affection as a basis we manage to make them become involved in their learning with high levels of stimulation.

Language skills are among the most worked upon from the very first moments. Language helps to structure thinking; for this reason, bilingual communication is essential from early ages, which helps children interiorise English at the same time as their mother tongue in a logical and natural way.

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