It is the stage that covers the ages from 6 to 12. We have two classes per year group from 1st to 6th Primary, and the curriculum is organized in areas with a global and integrating character.

The classrooms are specially designed to allow for cooperative work, the organization of flexible groups when necessary and the setting up of double classrooms. The classrooms are luminous and provided with Internet access and digital boards.

The learning of different subjects is carried out in two languages, English and Spanish, by means of interdisciplinary programs, implemented through projects and working plans.

This method of learning allows children to develop their capacities of analysis, critical vision and planning. At the same time, they use the different grammar structures of both languages thanks to native and bilingual teachers, so they become used to changing the register of the language they use in their daily communication with complete spontaneity.

Investigation and experimentation are fundamental elements at this stage, which enable the pupils to move on to Secondary Education with a high level of autonomy and an extraordinary capacity to analyse and synthesise.

The children can choose a third language, German or French, besides having English as a second language. This continues throughout Secondary Education, when is becomes possible to take official external exams.

In a similar way, the students of 6th Primary must pass internal language exams, at A2 – B1 level, before they finish the stage. These tests are evaluated by teachers of different levels with the aim of guaranteeing the greatest possible objectivity in the results.

Art and creativity are an aspect which children work on from an early age, and this is reflected in the School’’s corridors and Entrance Hall where there are constantly changing exhibitions of their work.

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