Entrepreneurship in my School (EME) is an educational program coordinated by Valnalon in cooperation with Ibercaja and the Government of Aragón, aimed at the last two years of Primary Education. During the school year, the students create and manage a cooperative.

The setting up of the cooperative is carried out following the real steps of the process: creation of a product, market study, coming up with a name and a logo for the enterprise, choosing representatives, administrative certificates and the  creation of statutes.

In their cooperative the pupils, by classes, manufacture products that are sold once a year, in a market or fair celebrated in Zaragoza. EME favours the development of skills related to communication, analysis of the physical environment, creation, coexistence and citizenship, and new technologies.

It is a program where the different areas included in the curriculum of Primary Education are brought together in a globalized way, easing the development of different basic skills in a practical way.

Each activity will be a new challenge that will start with the integration of cooperative groups and with a process of analysis in order to reach conclusions, both personal and group-wise; the school year finishes with the market and the closing of the accounts.  Usually the students choose to donate their profits to a local cause.

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