In Juan de Lanuza School we understand that our wide community of ex-students is what best defines us. They constitute the most reliable testimony of our excellence in education, and also our greatest pride.

The constant visits we receive from ex-students are always cause for happiness and provide us with relevant information for the constant revision and continuous improvement of our work.

We celebrate periodical reunions which, besides being an emotive reunion between classmates and former teachers, also have the aim of exploiting the extraordinary human resources we possess.  Every person educated throughout the years in Juan de Lanuza can find in these reunions an opportunity to establish professional contacts, to share experiences, ideas, projects…

Those of us who have been part of the school, whether it’s been for a short period of time or several years, have lived unique experiences together: the excitement of acting in plays, promotion to the “grown-ups’ playground”; the illusion of having your team work appreciated and exhibited in the corridors or the hall, the preparation for exchanges and study trips… Experiences that join us and have undoubtedly influenced who we are now in one way or another. Experiences that enrich us as people, and which, when shared, enrich others as well. For this reason, the School counts on ex-students to take part in  different activities: conferences, professional internships, training, etc.

Each of our ex-students’ triumphs constitutes a triumph for the school, but also each improvement in the School is a proof of the quality it offers, of its vocation to innovate and an added value for all of us who make up the community of ex-students.

We invite every person who was ever a student in Juan de Lanuza to get in touch with us, visit us, take part and collaborate in the activities we propose. If you’ve been part of Juan de Lanuza, you are part of Juan de Lanuza. We look forward to seeing you!

Contact: Víctor Roda (vroda@juandelanuza.org)

Furthermore, ex-students of Juan de Lanuza have recently created a group in the professional network LinkedIn, which you can join through this link:

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