The innovative nature of Juan de Lanuza School has gradually shaped its Education Project, taking inspiration from authors such as Freinet or Rodari, positive psychology, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Spencer Kagan’s cooperative learning and most recently Lane Clark’s Visible Thinking and Visible Learning, among others. They all structure the basis of our project, which holds its Emotional Education Program as a strong pillar that guides the educational team’s attitude and seeks to be a model for the students.

Innovation has always been a differential element in Juan de Lanuza, and has thus marked the itinerary of an educational team involved in and concerned with the continual improvement of our students’ education and in a constant and permanent process of evaluation, training and improvement.

Our educational policy is based on a process of continuous quality improvement, encouraging teachers to continually receive training in new education paradigms, which allow us to adapt our project as a Centre, hence responding to current educational challenges and adapting our structure to the specific needs of families and students.

This commitment to educational innovation peaked with the creation of the Juan de Lanuza Professorship for Educational Innovation which was brought to life thanks to the University of Zaragoza.

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