The Project focuses on the organization of exchanges between our students and students from other countries, such as England, France, Germany, Sweden, the United States and Canada.

We also offer the possibility of long stay programs, in which the students can carry out their studies in Canada for six months.

These exchanges normally include attending the host school during part of the visit. The students go to class with their house-mate. They usually take an active part in the classes, not just as spectators, and get involved in the projects proposed between both countries.

Trips to interesting places and activities outside the school are programmed, encouraging interaction between the students (parties, sport events, museums, concerts…).

The visiting student will spend some time with a family and will get a view of the characteristics of family life in that country, besides its culture and language.

How worthwhile and effective an exchange is depends on the following aspects:

  • It offers a close view of another community’s language and culture.
  • It encourages positive attitudes towards languages and other cultures.
  • It provides students with a greater cultural awareness.
  • It helps to improve linguistic skills.
  • It strengthens social contacts, which will develop in time.

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