This is an international project that seeks greater contact between our students and foreign students in American classes here in the city, enabling them to work on common projects and get to know each other’s customs, working methods, etc.

The Spanish students become integrated in class with American students. For more than four years, Juan de Lanuza School has been collaborating with School Year Abroad (SYA), an American High School located in Zaragoza, carrying out different international activities.

The purpose of the program is to unite Spanish and American students in a continuous dialogue about their own culture and that of others. Another aim is to encourage students to cross the conventional boundaries of schools, languages and cultures and make friends outside the classroom for academic, cultural and social purposes.

The content of the classes consists of linguistic, geographical, cultural and current issues, so that it can capture the attention of any student who aspires, in the long term, to a career in diplomacy, international relations, human rights, arts or cultural studies.

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