Juan de Lanuza is a school located on the outskirts of Zaragoza, close to the neighbourhood of Miralbueno. This setting allows for an enviable quietness and fascinating surroundings in which to carry out our mission less than 10 minutes away from Los Enlaces. From the classrooms on the first floor, on clear days we enjoy a panoramic view of the impressive Moncayo; more so when its crest is covered with snow. However, for some workers and teachers one of the greatest pleasures is the scent of fresh spring mornings. During school days we have several bus routes that cover Zaragoza and the nearby towns, and the following directions may be helpful in your first visit.


By car:

The School is on the Airport Road, between Miralbueno and the airport. Therefore, going from Zaragoza towards the airport it is impossible to miss it. One of the easiest options is to follow the Logroño road and then turn left (in front of a Porcelanosa building, about 500 meters away from the Augusta shopping centre). Having passed two roundabouts on the way to the airport we get to the Airport road itself. After a little over one kilometre we’ll see the School on our left (after a turn left). We’ll just have to do a U-turn (easily done in a gas-station a few meters ahead) and we’ll have arrived.

If driving along the Cuarto Cinturón or the Madrid-Barcelona freeway, we’ll have to take the Miralbueno exit. This way we’ll simply get to a roundabout and, again, following the signs, we’ll reach the Airport road, from which we’ll follow the indications provided in the previous paragraph.

By bus:

There is a Zaragoza-Miralbueno-Garrapinillos bus line run by the Samar Buil bus company that has a stop opposite the School’s entrance. The first stop in Zaragoza is right outside the Pablo Gargallo Museum (Paseo Mª Agustín) and the bus heads for Garrapinillos every half hour from 6 in the morning. There are other stops along the way, for instance at the start of Avenida Navarra. However, another stop which may be better indicated is placed next to the Centro Cívico Delicias in Avenida Navarra, where many other bus lines stop.

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