This constitutes a new way of comprehending learning, in which group work is not understood as merely distributing tasks, but rather as a way to learn together equally and responsibly. Under this focus, to learn means to help, to collaborate, to share responsibilities and to integrate everybody in a common project.

This methodology focuses directly on the studen’s process of personal training, learning and developing of social skills, vital in professional circles and in interpersonal relationships. This promotes the development of socio-emotional skills which are essential in the world in which we live.

By means of this method, students interiorise the concepts of both personal and shared responsibility. They all form part of the same project, each one is in charge of his or her own task, but is also accountable for the success of the project or for collective learning.

Learning is experienced in a practical way, and it is in these cooperative dynamics that students create a group and team spirit in which the class is immersed. Consequently, the students are prepared to perform to the best of their abilities and make the greatest possible effort as they understand that in a project everybody must count.

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