Juan de Lanuza understands how important it is to focus emotional education as a systematic and structured process, coaching our students’ emotions as one another aspect of their education.

Our School’s cornerstone is the global development of our students; for this reason one of the fundamental working lines in Juan de Lanuza School is based on educating emotions as a means of personal growth.

Emotional intelligence must be part of the School’s atmosphere, and it constitutes a part of our everyday life in each of the interactions between teachers, students and families. We try to make our students acquire an adequate emotional conscience that will grant them better knowledge of their own feelings, helping them at the same time to identify those of others.

The education project seeks the development of socially balanced personalities, people able to manage their emotions and understand other people’s feelings with a positive attitude towards life, as well as to develop social skills through which to express their feelings, share their opinions or show different points of view in an environment of mutual respect.

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