The Counselling Department is in charge of the tasks of prevention, diagnosis, intervention and supervision of the students learning process, while at the same time assessing the team of teachers in their work.

In addition, the members of the Department work with the families, preventing problems, assessing and accompanying them in their task of educating their children.

Its functions are to help, strengthen and coordinate the tutors in their daily efforts, seeking the total development of our students, enhancing their capacities and achieving a correct development of their skills.

Since Emotional Intelligence is one of the cornerstones of the School, another important task of the Counselling Department is to coordinate the Educating in Emotions Program, implemented in classes and structured by levels from Pre-School through to Bachillerato. The objective of this program is to develop our students’ emotional skills to help them confront the challenges they will encounter in life, and enable them to enjoy personal and social well-being.

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