Reading at home

As a complement to the academic training and in order to encourage reading in English among the students, we offer an English book magazine three times a year.

The books advertised are among the most read by children and young people in the UK and America, and allow our students to enjoy the most up-to-date and attractive titles on the market.

Home Libraries

The Home Libraries project is another way to encourage reading, besides promoting other values such as sharing and caring for the common material in the classroom libraries. These libraries include a variety of books which are attractive for different ages, therefore motivating the children to always have a book on their desk and also at home.

Outings to the theatre

Each year we offer the students the opportunity to watch plays in English in some of the city’s theatres or at our own school.

There are several national companies that have English or American actors and make sure the boys and girls have a great time with their plays, specially adapted for them. Although it is not always easy to find companies which adjust their contents to our students’ level of English, they already know us and adapt to our needs when they visit us.


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