The objective of the Quality Area is to detect possible aspects to be potentially enhanced with regards to organization, acting protocols, services, facilities and relationships between members of the school community, following a line of continuous improvement. The Centre’s Quality Plan is inspired by the EFQM’s (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model. It is a stable, systematic and internationally recognised model that uses techniques of proved efficacy to encourage analysis and reflection concerning the Education Project, the services and the activities. This thoroughness and compromise have led the school to the obtaining of different awards and prizes:

  • RSA seal 2016, as founding company of The Social Responsibility Plan of Aragon: Report 2016
  • Appearance in the ranking “The 100 Best Schools in Spain”, elaborated by the diary “El Mundo”, as the best private school in Aragón.
  • European Label for innovative projects in language teaching and learning, awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (2000).
  • Accreditation as Recognised Centre of Educative Excellence, by the Institute of Quality and Educative Evaluation (2001).
  • Finalist in the Quality in Education Award contest of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (2000), and in the Aragon Enterprise Excellence Award contest organized by the Aragonese Institute of Public Works and Transport (2001).
  • Enterprise chosen by the Aragonese Institute of Public Works and Transport (IAF) of the Government of Aragon to form part of the Club 400, which gathers the limited group of enterprises that manage to obtain a minimum of four hundred points in an approved external evaluation, according to the EFQM evaluation criteria (2001).
  • Aragon Enterprise Excellence Award, granted by the Government of Aragon after an external auditory carried out according to the European Model (E.F.Q.M.) (2003).
  • Government of Aragon Prize, obtained along with 23 other Aragonese enterprises for retaining the levels of excellence required to be part of the Aragonese Institute of Public Works and Transport’s Club 400 (2005).
  • Enterprise Program (Spanish: Programa Empresa) distinction (2006), as recognition of our contribution to quality and sustained in time management improvement.
  • EF’s (Education First) Certificate of Academic Excellence in the subject of English Language (7th in the English level ranking), with an especial distinction for our level of Internationality (2012).
  • Certificate of Solidary and Socially Responsible Enterprise, granted by Ibercaja (2012).
  • Recognition of the participation in the 11th EBRÓPOLIS Award to a Good Citizen Practice contest, with the project Greening JdL! (2012).

Other compromises with quality and social responsibility:

  • Belonging to the Club of Better Practices of the Educative Excellence Program and to the ACADE Quality Club (Autonomous Teaching Centres Association).
  • Affiliate entity of the ZAREX project, an initiative promoted by CEPYME and the City Council of Zaragoza that seeks to encourage Excellent and Socially Responsible Management in the enterprises of Zaragoza linked to it. In this forum we act as a reference organization in the services sector.
  • Affiliate entity of the EAREA (Aragonese Strategy of Environmental Education), of the Environment Department of the Government of Aragon (since 2011).
  • Affiliate entity of the PYME Compromise program with the city of Zaragoza’s environmental strategies; in it the participant entities acquire the compromise to participate actively in the environment’s improvement, while contributing to the labour of raising awareness and informing of our city’s sustainability policies (since 2012).

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