Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp consists of Twelve days of Summer camps in the Aragonese Pyrenee and the Costa Brava, with lots of activities in the environment , in the best atmosphere and with the best possible monitors.

As its name says, the Adventure Camp (2nd to 5th primary) program manages to capture their participants in an adventure in which, day by day, they discover new options about how to enjoy, to friendly relate to their peers, living experiences to remember.

English Adventure (6th primary to 4th ESO) combines the surroundings of the coast (Estartit), filled with multiple water activities within the environment of the Islas Medas Natural Park, with another ideal geographical landscape: the mountain (Broto Valley in the Aragonese Pyrenees).

All activities are designed according to their level and age, all set in our facilities, that perfectly cover all the resources and comfort that the participants need.

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