After the inclusion of subjects of programming and educational robotics for 4 years both in Primary and Secondary and Baccalaureate, the logical evolution from a conceptual point of view was the creation of a space where students could meet, individually or in groups , sharing knowledge, where they could create projects not only putting into practice what they have learned, but daring with new challenges.

In this way, since the 2017-18 academic year, we have inaugurated our own MakerSpace, a manufacturing space, which we hope will serve as a meeting point and transmission of knowledge. However, we did not want the MakerSpace to be only focused on activities related to programming, but we wanted to offer a space that was also a gateway to disciplines such as Art and other audiovisual or 3D design technologies, where you could democratize access to invention and creation of prototypes, with any of the tools available in the space.

Our MakerSpace, in its first year, is equipped with the following resources:

  • 25 Arduino kits with all kinds of sensors and extra components to use in projects.
  • Computer room attached, iPads and chromebooks.
  • 2 3D printers for printing prototyped designs.
  • 1 radio set for podcasting.
  • 1 set of audiovisual production with giant chroma screen.

This space is offered to the educational community in the following way:

  • During school hours, so that it can be used in the realization of curricular projects.
  • In non-school hours (Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the afternoon) so that students can go freely to carry out their own projects or attend specific training activities.
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