Bringing the Best

The personalized attention that is given to students from the figure of the Tutor in a historical pillar of the personality of the center. From its origins, the Juan de Lanuza School has defended that “a student who feels loved learns better”. At present the center has the figure of the personal Tutor (in addition to the group) from 5th grade in order to get to know better the interests, abilities and abilities of each student. Each Tutor acts as a guide and companion of the students so that a road map is established, agreed with the families and the student, with individual objectives and their academic itinerary.

The tutor dedicates an important part of his / her time to get to know the student, in a way that sets objectives for the student that involve spending their time on relevant activities. The teacher / tutor constantly interacts with the students about their progress and aspects of improvement, as well as with the families.

It is about transferring responsibility for the success or failure of learning to the student. The teacher, the center and families are tools, guides or facilitators.

In lower grades (1st-4th Primary) a period is established for “My Tutoring” for all students with the Tutor in a way that promotes knowledge of the student.

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