Juan de Lanuza School was born in 1978 when a group of families, committed to the fundamental right of choosing and participating in their children’s education, created the cooperative that manages the centre.

From the very first moment it became a referent of innovation and progress in education.

It is a private, bilingual and secular school.

Our centre intends to be at all times proactive in society, and to succeed with our educative project in adequately training the students in a multilingual model suitable for the globalized world in which we live; thus achieving a correct integration of the knowledge present in the world of today.

Our education framework presents a bilingual pedagogy from the age of three. The learning of languages is not limited to academic periods; rather, a true bilingual atmosphere exists in the whole centre. English is the structural frame of the School, it being the lingua franca in the communication with the native and bilingual teachers.

One of the characteristics of our centre is the eagerness to improve and progress in new and innovative methodological lines that will enhance our students’ learning.


Our mission is to educate in a personalized way in knowledge, values, attitudes and feelings, providing a global and creative academic training that prepares people to contribute to human development actively and responsibly.

Juan de Lanuza School’s educative project is based on:

  • Active participation of the whole school community in its management.
  • A democratic concept of teaching.
  • An education based in the children’s interest centres and cognitive stimulation.
  • An integral human education, regardless of any political or religious choice.
  • Respect towards the individual and nature.
  • Constantly seeking to improve each of the processes that are part of the centre and every project we start from the School, in a continuous way.


They constitute units of assessment, study and development of ways to proceed in issues that affect the functioning of the School both in matters of education and services. The current existing areas are:


Foreign languages

Stages and Sports

Global Classroom (Exchange program)

New Technologies

Pedagogic Innovation


The objective of the Quality Area is to detect possible aspects to be potentially enhanced with regards to organization, acting protocols, services, facilities and relationships between members of the school community, following a line of continuous improvement. The Centre’s Quality Plan is inspired by the EFQM’s (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model. It is a stable, systematic and internationally recognised model that uses techniques of proved efficacy to encourage analysis and reflection concerning the Education Project, the services and the activities.

This thoroughness and compromise  have led the school to the obtaining of different awards and prizes.


In Juan de Lanuza School we understand that our wide community of ex-students is what best defines us. They constitute the most reliable testimony of our educative labour, and also our biggest pride. The constant visits we receive from ex-students are always cause for happiness and provide us with relevant information for the constant revision and continuous improvement in our work.

We celebrate periodical meetings which, besides of being an emotive reunion between classmates and former teachers, have the aim of exploiting the extraordinary human resources we possess.


Diversity is one of the fundamental values ​​of the Juan de Lanuza School. From our center we promote it with various initiatives and policies, among which is the preferential admission of expatriate residents in Zaragoza as members of the cooperative. If this is your case you can contact us in the Admission Request  section, indicating in the field observations your expatriate status.


At Juan de Lanuza School we are delighted with our work and we are looking for people who have the same illusion. If you are interested in belonging to our team, contact us by filling out the form you will find in the following link…

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