The OpenLanuza collective consists of a group of professors and students from the Juan de Lanuza School in Zaragoza.

Our intention is to release the knowledge that is produced in our classrooms, so that other people, whether they are other teachers, students or anyone who has an interest in new technologies or new teaching methodologies, can take advantage of these resources to increase their knowledge, and use it in the way you deem most convenient, either in the classrooms, or outside of them.

On our page you will be able to find more than 40 projects documented by our students and sometimes also with their families. All these projects have as a common point the use of educational programming and robotics.

We invite our visitors to take our resources and not only use them, but modify and improve them. All together, with strategies to share our knowledge in an open manner, we will be participating in the construction of a better society, without speculation, abusive prices, and where the act of sharing is a pleasure and not an imposition in the best of cases.

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