Stages and Sports

In Infant School, psychomotricity begins to work from two years old, favoring the childrens health, helping them  to master their body movement in a healthy way, improving their relationship and communication with the world around them. In addition we offer a range of sport activities, both individual and collective.

During the Primary stage, physical education is worked on to continue accompanying the growth of the students.  We offer activities such as the White Week and the Summer Camps in the Pyrenees and there is an increase in the sports activities offered  as the same time that competition begins at school and at federated levels in different disciplines.

In Secondary, the line of work continues, seeking the greatest number of motor experiences so that our students continue to grow as individuals. In addition to the  extra curricular activities already offered outside the School, the Summer Camp to the Costa Brava and an increasing variety and number of complementary activities are added.

Finally, in Baccalaureate we offer physical education in the two courses, so that they are able to grow and continue practicing physical activity autonomously outside the school environment.

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