We are aware that for a few years and increasingly, there as been a boom in the world of education to do educational activities related to the subjects of programming and robotics.

We are convinced that sooner or later a revision in our educational Law will take place to accommodate the learning of these subjects. In our case, for the past five years , we are taking a bet for these subjects because we are convinced of the potential  they have in the development of our students, specially in terms of  thinking skills and the stimulation of their creativity.

In this way, we design a vertical curriculum for the subjects of programming and robotics, from Infant education to Baccalaureate, with two main objectives:

  • To cover all stages of the school: from Infants to Baccalaureate.
  • To include educational robotics, integrated as a natural evolution of our project

Since this allows us to continue strengthtening the concepts already learned  in programming and to encourage  the  “maker” culture  amongst our students,  in a way that they can feel that they can create things with programming.  In the same way, we ensure that all the educational stages of our school have the opportunity to learn to program, gradually acquiring  a level of knowledge that will give them the opportunity to become creators.

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