In order to prepare students even better so that all of them succeed in society, and become leaders of their own future, our Baccalaureate students carry out social responsibility practices.

New Venture Today is about creating learning environments that provide them with situations to develop skills, habits and skills that make them feel better with others, with themselves, as well as being prepared to face the future with more tools. Practices that bring them closer to what is happening in the world.

The testimonies of students who have been part of these practices give the measure of what are the objectives of them and what they do in the sessions throughout the course. Let the words of some of them serve as an example:

‘Within the educational program of our School include New Venture Today, educational practices in which students of both courses of Baccalaureate have to work in groups and collaborate to design and create projects whose purpose is to have a positive impact on society. These practices are taught entirely in English, and these projects must be delivered and presented in that language. To develop the project there is full freedom: the subject is free, with the only condition that it has social purposes (the specific scope, how it could impact, etc., is chosen by the members of each group). In turn, the way of working is not predetermined, each group is the one who organizes and distributes the work, and who decides the method and the research sources that are necessary (including interviews or visits to entities outside the center). Starting from an idea chosen by consensus, each group will develop a product that will be presented to the class and the teachers / tutors, and all will participate in its evaluation. This requires maturity, decision, and independence, both to choose a serious issue, and to create that project and model it until it ends up being an applicable and useful initiative to society’.

The center is proud to have a trajectory of more than 10 years inculcating values ​​of solidarity in the younger generations, as well as developing habits and skills that make them better prepared to perform in society.

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